LA Revival Erupts at Bonnie Brae Street After 100 Years

The Los Angeles Revival broke out Friday night on Bonnie Brae Street with the laying on of hands by evangelist Verna Linzey, was the keynote speaker and minister.

The revival saw ecstatic utterances, slaying in the Spirit, violent quaking, crying, tears, people falling on their faces, hands lifted up toward the heavens, screaming in the Spirit, calling the fiery Holy Ghost down from heaven. Event organizers say they’re seeing a repeat of the initial outbreak of the revival in 1906, except more people were present this time.

The house was packed full with about 44 people listening to the Rev. Linzey preach. The revival hit Azusa Street last week. Now it has hit Bonnie Brae Street, tracing its steps back to when it came 100 years ago.

In 1910, William Seymour prophesied that a greater revival would hit Los Angeles in 100 years. In recent weeks it has come back to both Azusa Street and now to Bonnie Brae Street, tracing its steps backward to its humble beginnings with 93-year-old Verna Linzey. Linzey is from Kansas, the home state where the seeds of the Pentecostal Movement were sown prior to its outbreak at Bonnie Brae Street in 1906.

The Rev. Fred Berry and his wife, Sister Wilma Berry, coordinated Friday’s prayer meeting through the Church of God in Christ, pastored by Bishop Charles Blake. Berry invited Linzey and her son, Jim Linzey, who ministers alongside his mother in the ministry, to preach on the baptism with the Holy Spirit. It was during their altar call that the ecstatic utterances erupted among believers for the first time and several were slain in the Spirit, prophecies were given and other manifestations occurred.

Evangelist Frank said in the meeting that God gave him a revelation that there would be revival at Bonnie Brae Street, resulting in unity, and that this revival was fore-ordained. The participants of the Bonnie Brae Street Revival were a mixed group of African-Americans, Caucasians, Mexicans and Asians. They indeed had unity.

About seven souls received the baptism with the Holy Spirit as confirmed by speaking in tongues as Verna and Jim Linzey laid hands on them. Prophecies were given by various evangelists. Pauline Carrington was delivered from theological bondage when hearing the Linzeys’ preaching. Several asked for healing of arthritis, tumors and back pain.

Berry prophesied by cellphone from Brazil that tremendous revival is hitting Los Angeles and the world. Jim Linzey reported that while driving up from San Diego to Bonnie Brae Street, the back of an SUV in front of him on the freeway stated, “We can take L.A. 4 Jesus,” a sign he received as from God that revival would break out at Bonnie Brae Street tonight, and that the Holy Spirit would subsequently get a hold of Los Angeles again. Sister Berry was the moderator of the meeting tonight as she introduced each speaker.

Verna Linzey at the Global Covenant ChurchVerna Linzey, an Assembly of God minister, made a powerful statement while she was preaching: “The duty of the faithful to the Holy Spirit is clear from Ephesians 4:30: ‘And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.’ Whatever might be in one’s life that would grieve the Holy Spirit must be purged. The true church is comprised of true Christians, and her members live in a way submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Until the church is purged of immorality, she might look in vain for revival. For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. Therefore, he who rejects this instruction does not reject man but God, who gives you His Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 4:7).”

The new Los Angeles revival was prophesied to Berry by a French prophet last July. It began in Torrance Mission in November when Verna Linzey held a meeting there when many people received the baptism with the Holy Spirit. From there it moved to Azusa Street and then on to Bonnie Brae Street. Other pockets of revival have been breaking out across the Los Angeles basin.

Jim Linzey is calling on Christians around the world to open their homes to revival meetings one night per week and to pray for revival. He is seeking a facility to use for free where gatherings can take place every night in the Los Angeles area to seek the face of God.

“We are not starting a church; we simply want a place to seek the face of God where the public can gather for revival to grow in Los Angeles, a place where no pastor will try to control the meetings,” he said. “Too many revivals die out due to people trying to control the meetings and structure them. You cannot do that and expect revival to take hold on society. Control must be in the hands of the Holy Spirit.”

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